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Wildlife and Art

    Tuition, Classes, Workshops

Tuition, Classes, Workshops

A selection of Ben's filmed lessons can be seen by visiting and subscribing to:

"I am under the firm belief that anyone can be taught to paint and even better, everyone can be taught how to improve their paintings."

Ben has been painting professionally for almost a decade and has experimented constantly with different mediums, materials, subject matter and techniques. He has sketched and painted 'in the field' as well as worked on large mural paintings, natural history illustrations and large finished studio pieces. He has tutored students and individual adults alike and is always keen to share his experiences and techniques as an artist.

Please contact Ben via his personal email account if you are interested in one-on-one tuition or if you are thinking of gathering together for a workshop.

(note: classes will include slideshows of step-by-step paintings as well as tailored tuition)

Daily fees:

One-on-One Tuition: £150/day plus travel (30p/mile) if outside a 25 mile radius of North Shropshire

2-4 people/small group: £70/per person per day

Workshop: 5+ people: £120/day plus travel (30p/mile) if outside a 25 mile radius of North Shropshire

Classroom Tuition/School workshop: £250/day plus travel (30p/mile) if outside a 25 mile radius of North Shropshire. Catered to all ages and includes slideshow of drawing and/or paintings, the creative process (step-by-steps), inspiration etc and teaching for the full day

Email: [email protected]

Thank you.